How to Deal with Toxic Positivity

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CM Learning - How to deal with TOXIC POSITIVITY

Toxic positivity is EVERYWHERE. Especially during challenging times, we are told "positive vibes only", "don't worry, it might never happen" and other such clichés!

Have you experienced toxic positivity lately?
Often, when there are tough periods of change, all of the so-called ‘experts’ come out of the woodwork and they tell us that to get through it, all we have to do is think positive thoughts.
Don’t be that person.
CM Learning - toxic positivity
Toxic positivity psychology and this forced positivity is damaging, and it is so prevalent right now in two ways:
  1. When we mask or hide our true feelings and emotions and instead present a veneer of toxic positivity to the world, and…
  2. When we ignore and repress the feelings and emotions of others, and force our toxic positivity onto them (e.g. “Oh well, it could be worse!”).
Toxic positivity stops us from dealing with the real issue because we are shoving these issues into a little box and storing it firmly in the corner of our mind.
If we are guilty of using toxic positivity with others, then we are essentially refusing to listen and hear them, and glossing over hugely valid concerns and fears that people have.
CM Learning - Toxic Positivity Definition

I explore both these elements and much more in my video, going into detail on why we adopt an attitude of toxic positivity and most importantly, how to begin making a truly positive difference!

Put ten minutes aside for your personal development and watch the video now for further support

If we are only focused on the positive and ignoring the pain of others, we become totally disconnected from being able to show true empathy. Being positive doesn't mean ignoring the negative. It's much more about helping ourselves and each other overcome the negative. That is true positivity.

I love helping people to develop their mindset, resilience and wellbeing with the videos I produce. If you get anything from them and would like to help keep me going with a nice cuppa (double espresso for me), that would be amazing.
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