Graduate Development

Help your Graduates turn off auto-pilot and switch to manual!

Leaving university and entering life at work as a Graduate can be hugely daunting. The highs of completing academic studies and finally graduating (not to mention celebrating!), can be in stark contrast with the unknown that follows...

…the pressure to have a plan mapped out, making sense of the working week, juggling new commitments and responsibilities, building a personal brand from scratch, adapting to the culture of an organisation, unknown expectations from employers.

Ultimately, it is the steepest learning curve the Graduates entering your business have experienced to date.

Graduates come into a business wanting to change their world of work for the better. They’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point and are eager to translate academic capability into an organisation that welcomes and values their fresh perspective; yet for this to truly happen there needs to be support – and a plan – in place.

Chris @ CM Learning with a group of Graduates

And that is where the need for practical, challenging and meaningful Graduate development comes in.

Graduates, who are often those fast-tracked into leadership or specialist roles, want broad experience for a good foundation to their career. They need mentoring to guide them through what may well be their first taste of working life.

The best Graduate Development Programmes are those that are both rigorous and supportive. In a rapidly changing world, your Graduates need the skills and attributes that make a difference, helping them to feel fully equipped for their roles.

Graduate Development from CM Learning

Help your Graduates turn off auto-pilot and switch to manual!

The last thing you want for your investment in your Graduates is for them to enter your business unprepared, both in skillset and mindset.

CM Learning specialises in working with Graduates to help integrate and equip them to show up as their unique and individual selves, setting them up for success in their career.

Throughout the CM Learning Graduate Development Programme, people are nurtured in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment where they can learn, make mistakes and try new approaches. 

Approaches that help them turn off auto-pilot and switch to manual by enhancing their confidence, assertiveness, resilience, creativity, agility, relationship building and problem solving skills.

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CM Learning Graduate Development Overview (2024)

And that's not all!

All of these development interventions are included in the full CM Learning Graduate Development Programme, delivered across one year.

Interventions can be facilitated either virtually, in-person or a blend of both approaches.

Chris @ CM Learning with another group of Graduates

Clients who invest in the full programme will also receive:

  • Bespoke launch and wrap-up sessions at the beginning and end of their programme (delivered virtually).
  • A full and detailed colour-based personality profile for each Graduate, accompanying the ‘Understanding of Self’ session, offering deep insight into preferences, strengths to leverage and potential development opportunities to work on through the programme and on-the-job.
  • Action Learning Sets throughtout (delivered virtually), offering Graduates an opportunity to share challenges and collaborate on potential solutions that can make a difference in the real world.
  • Access to a range of bitesize videos which consolidate key learning and offer further opportunities for development once the programme has finished.

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