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What's auto-pilot mode all about?​

In auto-pilot, we’re using our unconscious decision-making system to take care of the routine tasks. This can be good, because it prevents us from overloading.

The trouble is, with the challenges of modern life, rather than protecting us, our auto-pilot risks stopping us from developing, learning and growing.

Auto-pilot is damaging because it allows us to repeat harmful cycles. It eats away at our resilience reserves by forcing us down a well trodden path in our brain, when arguably, there is a better way.

CM Learning helps people to find this better way, by consciously harnessing the power of their mindset to switch from auto-pilot to manual.

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Why is this
important right now?

The line between our personal and professional lives has never been so blurred. Now more than ever, we drag our whole selves to work, along with our mindset flaws, our insecurities and our worries.

We allow our negative thoughts to take over, we focus on things that are outside of our control and we rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms.

At worst we damage or at best limit, our relationships, our resilience and our results.

Since 2012, CM Learning and has helped thousands of people to develop a stronger and more resilient mindset, at work and at home.

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Help your people

Happier people are more effective people.

CM Learning delivers impactful, accelerated and challenging learning, development and coaching that switches people to manual.

Damaging thought patterns are rewritten, people learn to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined and they become able to tune into their physiology to improve wellbeing.

CM Learning | Virtual Development for Your Auto-Pilot

Not sure about whether you need to switch to manual?

Yeah, auto-pilot mode will do that; force you to resist change.

Dive into a range of testimonials and case studies to read how CM Learning has helped people to develop a stronger and more resilient mindset in businesses just like yours.

Ready to switch to manual?

Refusing to do something is like handing over complete control of your thinking to that internal auto-pilot.

The same patterns will emerge with the same, damaging outcomes as before.

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