Power Playlists

Live, bitesize virtual development with an extensive back catalogue

Yes, it’s true what you might have heard. Each Playlist opens with a tune that sets the mood and tone for your bitesize hour of live virtual learning.

With twelve popular Playlists to choose from, each one offers an hour of live, virtual learning on a huge range of topics across the mindset, resilience and wellbeing genres. 

Each Playlist offers powerful learning – as well as being set to relevant music – that allows people to focus on how to build relationships, grow resilience and achieve results.

Which theme tune will welcome your people into their Power Playlist?

Maybe it’ll be Dolly? Taylor? Britney…? (the chances are, it’ll be a strong female)

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Facilitated over Teams or Zoom,
whether for 10 or 100 people,
each Power Playlist features:


A Power Pause

Life is constantly spinning. We spend so long living in the past or the future rather than take a short and sweet moment to stop, take stock and be present to consider what’s jamming for us and what’s not.


A Power Move

Any hour you book with a professional facilitator is only as good as the action that comes from it, so at the end of the hour your people will commit to the number one thing they can do to actively change their life for the better.


A Power Pack

As soon as the Playlist is over, everyone who attends will receive their PDF Power Pack, which consolidates learning and offers more ways to keep the focus going to embed their learning-earworm and create further change.

All of this allows your people to switch off auto-tune and really listen to what’s happening for them in the here and now.

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Resilience: that magic juice that gives us strength, particularly when life blindsides us, as it has a habit of doing.
It’s often compared to ‘bounce-back-ability’, yet who wants to bounce backwards? Resilience is about developing the reserves that help us to keep moving forward, when we need them the most.
There is a lot going on and if life has taught us anything, we know that there will always be a lot going on...

Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Define ‘resilience’ and tune into your personal levels.
  • Consider your current coping mechanisms and reflect on which may be helping and harming your levels of resilience.
  • Take action towards a 10 point plan to develop your resilience.

    The brilliant three-pound weirdo that we each carry around in our skull has evolved to do some amazing stuff for us.
    After all, it’s got us this far in life, working hard to keep us alive.
    In auto-pilot mode, we don’t always realise that our brilliant brain has also developed mindset patterns that are potentially damaging...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Understand the pros and cons of your brilliant brain.
  • Work on your negative thought patterns in a positive, rational and constructive way.
  • Turn your inner critic into your biggest advocate.

    It's time to get to grips with ch-ch-ch-changes!
    Answer this simple question: do you like change at work?
    You might answer “YES, BRING IT ON!”, “Nope, status quo all the way” or “Hmm, well it depends.”
    One thing is certain, organisational change can be an emotional rollercoaster and some of us love this adrenaline-fuelled ride whilst for others it can be a terrifying nightmare...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Reflect on how you respond to the rollercoaster that is ‘change’
  • Learn how to manage your mindset and reframe when change comes along
  • Consider some practical principles that can help to support yourself and others around you during change

    Most people know that with a Growth Mindset, we believe that our natural talents, skills and abilities that we are born with can be developed.
    That’s surface level.
    What most people don’t know is what lies deeper and what it takes to truly develop towards a Growth Mindset...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Understand the difference between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset.
  • Learn about the four fundamentals needed to develop a Growth Mindset.
  • Take stock of where your mindset is currently at on the Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset continuum.

    Call them what you want: courageous conversations, challenging conversations, vital conversations...difficult conversations all too often feel just that…difficult!
    They can be seriously damaging for our relationships, our results, our mindset strength and resilience levels.
    Like it or not, when it comes to challenging conversations, most of us are approaching them all wrong...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Identify what gets in the way of having potentially challenging conversations and how we can become more comfortable having them.
  • Consider the golden rules to enter into a challenging conversation with.
  • Reflect on a simple and highly effective framework to sidestep potential conflict.

    Are you one of those people that has the brilliant experience, the list of qualifications and accolades and the proven track record?
    Yet you regularly doubt that you’re good enough and perhaps even wonder when you’ll be discovered for the fraud that you are.
    Except, you're not a fraud...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Understand the phenomenon that is ‘imposter syndrome’ and what’s really happening when it strikes.
  • Tune into when and why your imposter makes you doubt your abilities, and learn to consciously manage these situations.
  • Reflect on a range of tips and techniques that will help you to manage your inner-imposter.

    It’s a funny old thing: assertiveness.
    Ask a dozen people to describe it and you’ll hear twelve very different takes, for a very important reason.
    We are all a product of our upbringing and our past experiences that have shaped us into the person we see looking back at us in the mirror.
    So, assertiveness is and should look and feel different, for each of us. What works for one person may well make someone else run a mile...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Reclaim the power that exists in owning your voice and having it heard.
  • Understand the difference when we’re in passive, aggressive and assertive modes (including the hybrid passive-aggressive behaviour).
  • Begin to identify what your authentic and assertive self might look and sound like.

    When it comes to our personal wellbeing, so many of us have a habit of putting ourselves out there for others. We work so hard to make sure other people are supported, often creating discomfort for ourselves and putting our own wellbeing on the back burner.
    It's time to put your wellbeing where it deserves and needs to be: front and centre, to focus in on strategies that can support you through these ever-turbulent times in this constantly connected world that we live in...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Reflect on the importance of wellbeing in this world of non-stop chaos.
  • Consider the vital components of our wellbeing and identify your current strengths and development opportunities.
  • Zoom in on where your action and focus needs to be when it comes to your body, heart and mind.

    In this hybrid world of work that we are now inhabiting, virtual fatigue is a fairly new and emerging threat to our wellbeing.
    Many of us are spending a significant chunk of our waking hours juggling devices and clicking from meeting to meeting.
    We're becoming Zoom-bies!
    When was the last time you stopped to ask yourself if there might be a different, arguably better way?...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Learn about the scale of the challenge and why so many of us are so fatigued living in the virtual world.
  • Take stock of where you are when it comes to your own levels of virtual fatigue.
  • Switch to manual with a range of techniques to challenge what you can do differently to support your wellbeing.

    Delivering a presentation has long ranked up there in the list of top fears alongside death and arachnophobia…
    …and that was before we had to worry about making an impact online!
    Our mindset strength and resilience reserves can be severely tested when we’re asked to facilitate a presentation in the virtual world...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Reflect on a range of tips to make an impact from the start and leave a lasting impression.
  • Utilise yourself as your biggest visual aid when presenting in the virtual world.
  • Engage with your audience from a distance to make your presentation two-way and interactive.

    This Power Playlist is best delivered to a complete team, because it’s easy for any group of people who have been thrown together to fall into a rut.
    With relationship dynamics, shifting goalposts and conflicting agendas at play, it can all lead to a set of mindsets that struggle to be collaborative and innovative.
    Sometimes, what’s needed is a collective mindset reset; an opportunity to come together, check-in with what’s working, what’s not and how to leverage brilliant strengths and focus on what can be done better...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Take stock of team wins and challenges and agree a ‘line in the sand’ to move forward from.
  • Reflect on team pressure points and harness collective energy to control the controllables.
  • Identify opportunities to make simple tweaks that will boost team effectiveness.

    We all know that feeling when our trigger has been pulled. When something around us or within us has resulted in a range of potentially damaging emotions; when our instinctive fight or flight mode has been engaged.
    In our auto-pilot mode, most of us fail to take the time to reflect back on what it was that made us react and why, so that we can become more aware and manage our response in the future.
    Learning to respond rather than react is a constant, conscious commitment and it begins by switching to manual...

    Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Understand how our cognitive thinking influences our emotional state and resulting behaviour when we’re triggered.
  • Reflect on a range of techniques to help you tune into why you were triggered.
  • Learn how to look after yourself in the moment and develop a more constructive response over time.
  • With 12 Playlists to skip between,
    you choose:

    One Hit Wonder

    Choose one Power Playlist that’s most pertinent to you, your team and your organisation’s needs if you’re looking for a quick boost of inspiration, energy and action.


    Mix Tape

    Want more than one Playlist? Let’s pick a selection of your favourites from the set list and create your perfect mix tape (and if you don’t know what a mix tape is, there’s nothing that can help you…).


    Greatest Hits

    Go all in and sample all twelve Playlists by making a block booking. Why not pop one on for your people each month as part of your annual learning and development calendar?

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    Why are The Power Playlists top of the pops?

    Music has the power to transcend, transport and tune into our emotional being, in a way that little else can.

    Not everyone might be a fan of the choices they’ll hear, so people are free to mute the music (and yes, requests are taken). No matter which Playlist you choose, every single song is there for a reason; whether to set the tone, to change the energy or to connect to the learning.

    The Power Playlists are a perfect way to offer your workforce, teams and organisation meaningful bitesize learning that inspire immediate and lasting change to wellbeing both inside and outside of work.

    Happier, mentally-fit, more resilient people are more engaged people.

    You might be thinking “Well, it’s only an hour, that’s not long enough to change anything.” Yes, it is only an hour, yet we can achieve so much in that short time.

    Why? Because this isn’t about talking at or lecturing your people for that hour (and if you choose the Mix Tape or Greatest Hits package, we’ll be grooving together for much longer than one hour, over a period of time that suits you).

    CM Learning | Dancing Chris gif

    In each and every Playlist, ways of thinking will be challenged and people are invited to interact and expected to get involved because when we’re involved, we learn more as a result.

    People are also encouraged – not required – to show their beautiful faces on camera so that we can create a truly collaborative, engaging and immersive virtual learning space.

    Singing? Well that’s up to them.

    Power Playlist Pricing

    £ 765
    • One Hit Wonder: 1 x £765
    • Mix Tape: £765 each with a 10% discount when booking 3 or more Playlists
    • Greatest Hits: 12 x £765 with a 15% discount

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    What The Power Playlists are NOT

    When it comes to how The Power Playlists work, this is more Band Aid than Kylie and Jason.

    This is your opportunity to get your people together and learn collaboratively.

    Small, medium and large bands are catered for; who gets to be Bono is up to them…

    If it’s more of a Kylie and Jason duet that you’re looking for, check out the options for 1-2-1 coaching here.

    I’m Kylie, no arguments…

    Let's get your Power Playlists spinning!