Me and My Mindset

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CM Learning Blog | Me and My Mindset the complete vlog series

Ever fancied watching the downfall of a wellbeing coach and facilitator's mindset during the dark time that was the pandemic? Well, you're in luck!

It was unpolished and it was imperfect, perhaps two words we could use to describe our mindset.
And that was the point.
A while back – in addition to my sparkly, edited videos over on my YouTube channel – I decided to create a vlog series tracking the ups and downs of my mindset during lockdown.
What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time 🤷🏻‍♂️
The intention was to help people to see that they were not alone in the mindset and resilience challenges that we all have, offer some practical help and break down the stigma related to talking about our mental health.

So, here they are for your viewing pleasure: each episode from the series 🍿

Episode 1 - My Imposter and Me

In my 10 week mindset vlog series, this first episode sees the week starting pretty well, until my Imposter Syndrome appears.

Episode 2 - Helping Myself to Feel Better

This week, cancelled Christmas plans and some other life ‘stuff’ makes me work hard at helping myself to feel better, in episode 2 of my weekly mindset vlog.

Episode 3 - Struggling with My Mindset

It’s that weird week between Christmas and New Year when no-one really knows what day it is or what to do with themselves. It’s also a week where my mindset has some serious challenges and I find myself reflecting on the year.

Episode 4 - Positive Reframing

It looks like the start of the new year is going to be just as tough work-wise than the previous one, which requires lots of positive reframing on my part. Lockdown continues to prove challenging for my mindset and I have a little triumph when it comes to managing my imposter syndrome.

Episode 5 - Trying Not to Procrastinate

I’m pretty good at putting the PRO into procrastinate, so this week I am doing all I can to manage my mindset and be as productive as possible. There are still dog walks aplenty but I also try my hardest to create some structure around my fitness in lockdown while the gyms are shut.

Download my ten point plan to build your resilience now

Episode 6 - I Declutter My Mindset

This week, my Playstation 5 drama FINALLY comes to an end, I throw myself into decluttering around the house in an effort to declutter my mindset, there is much excitement about the Inauguration…oh and there’s also a little bit of work stuff thrown in too!

Episode 7 - Canine Cuddles and Walkees

It’s another mixed bag of a week with dog walks, vet visits and trying to maintain a little fitness with some lockdown HIIT. Work-wise, I reflect on why I love coaching so much, continue to design my online course and attempt to dazzle as best I can for my podcast interview.

Episode 8 - A Bad Week with News from the Vets

It’s been a bad week. I do my best to try and help myself and my mindset. The vlog is here to offer help, so I continue to do my best to share what works for me (and sometimes, what doesn’t). If you’re into mindset development *and* dogs then this is the episode for you!

Episode 9 - Hoping for a Better Week

I try to restore a little bit of normality to make it a better week, while also keeping on eye on Max-dog’s recovery! There are website-woes, learning design, dog walks (naturally!) and facilitation, which all in all turn out to be the ingredients for a much better week.

Episode 10 - The Final VLOG!

I would have loved to sign-off the vlog in a blaze of mindset-glory, but it’s actually another week of ups and downs…which kind of sums up ‘mindset’ I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️ In this final episode, we have Monday blues, dogs with lampshades, melted-mindsets, humpday self-care and a little gratitude.

Creating a vlog specifically related to mindset, resilience and wellbeing during such a testing time for us all was an amazing experience that taught me so much.
I continue to receive comments and messages long after the vlog has wrapped. Thank you SO much whether for every little like, every little comment or every little subscribe to my channel.
If the vlog has helped to raise a smile, offer a little bit of support with whatever you are going through or just provided a welcome distraction, then I am happy.
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CM Learning Blog | Me and My Mindset the complete vlog series

Me and My Mindset

Ever fancied watching the downfall of a wellbeing coach and facilitator’s mindset during the dark time that was the pandemic? Well, you’re in luck!​

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