Ten More Songs for Resilience 💪🏼

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CM Learning Blog | Ten More Songs for Resilience

Music has the power to transcend, transport and tune into our emotional being, in a way that little else can. Songs for resilience in my opinion, should be mandatory!​

I previously wrote about my top 10 resilience songs, because I strongly believe that music has a power like no other. It can bring us comfort and joy, help us to either relax or get motivated, calm our anxious minds and boost our mood. There’s science at play here too of course because no matter your preference, songs for resilience release endorphins in our brain in response to pain or stress.
Just think about the last time music helped you achieve that runner’s high, or immediately shift your mood for better or worse (sometimes we need music to help us tune into the worst, before we can begin to feel better).
Music holds such an important place in my life, that I’m not sure how I would survive without my songs for resilience. That sounds a bit much now that I’ve written it, but can you relate? Where would we be without the ability to release emotion – whether frustration, anger, sadness, happiness – through the power of music? Yep, I’d be seriously lost.

Music forms an integral part of my work, particularly when I’m facilitating whether in-person or virtually. Not everyone might be a fan of my choices – and I do take requests – yet every single song that people will hear during our time together has a reason to be there; to set the mood, to change the energy, to compliment the learning.

Like most of us, I have a variety of playlists depending on the moment and the mood. This new list of ten resilience songs are once again taken from my songs for resilience playlist (surprise, surprise!), which you can follow here on Apple Music.

So, in no particular order this time - and with another cheese warning up front and centre - here are ten more songs for your resilience, for whenever you might next need them...

David Guetta ft. Sia - Titanium

More of a Sia fan than a David Guetta fan, I loved it when they collaborated for this powerhouse of an anthem when the world is trying to get you down. 

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to prove, fire away, fire away…!”

Beverley Knight - Come As You Are

Beverley Knight is awesome. FACT. I’ve met her *name drop clunk* and she’s just as awesome irl. This one gets played a lot in the summer and reminds me to just be myself, because that’s enough.

“Come as you are, don’t be shy, don’t deny yourself.”

Barbra Streisand - Don't Rain on My Parade

From the 1964 musical Funny Girl, this is a brilliant one to get totally immersed in when the world is telling you that you can’t!

“Don’t tell me not to fly, I’ve simply got to, if someone takes a spill it’s me and not you. Who told you you’re allowed to rain on my parade!”

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

I have a friend who *hates* this song. Madness! But this is my list, so tell those players to do one and shake it off!

“But I keep cruisin’, can’t stop, won’t stop movin’. It’s like I got this music in my mind saying ‘it’s gonna be alright’.”

Des'ree - You Gotta Be

What’s this, a little throwback to my ’90’s teenage years? You are welcome, because it still stands on its own today.

“You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser. You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger. You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together.”

Download my ten point plan to build your resilience now

Ben Platt - RAIN

Ben has so many beautiful songs that immediately make me feel calmer and less anxious. This one has an amazing video too.

“Hey! I know we both been afraid, but we can’t run from the wind and the thunder when we’re dancing under the rain.”

Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You

One of my absolute favourite people, introduced on my previous list. Giving your power to someone else? Listen immediately.

“I tell myself to let the story end. My heart will rest in someone else’s hand. My ‘why not me’ philosophy began.”

Queen - The Show Must Go On

Yes, I almost went with Don’t Stop Me Now, but that would have been way too obvious. We all have to remind ourselves of this simple fact at some time or another.

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies. Fairy tales of yesterday, grow but never die. I can fly, my friends.”

Kilotile - Cry To Me

Having a much deserved resurgence thanks to TikTok, this remix is one of those songs that will make you shuffle even if you don’t know how to.

When your baby leaves you all alone, and nobody calls you on the phone, dont’cha feel like crying?”

Kylie Minogue - Hey Lonely

I almost made it through two top ten lists without one from my all-time Queen! There are so many to choose from, but we’ll go with this lesser known one.

“Hey you over there, I see something in your eyes that I recognise. Oh, it isn’t fair, baby, but you won’t be lonely, never lonely when you’re next to me.”

So there you have it, another ten songs for resilience from me to you, for whenever you need them. I'm always looking for more to add, so let me know what I'm missing.

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