Resolving Conflict at Work

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CM Learning - Resolving Conflict at Work

Do you struggle resolving conflict at work? Maybe you avoid it or perhaps you find yourself getting into conflict at work a little more often than you might like!

So many of us hate resolving conflict at work, when we:
  • Have a clash of interest (or personality), or
  • See things a completely different way.
When it comes to our mindset and resilience, getting better at resolving conflict at work is HUGE! It can tie us up in knots. We let it fester, worry about the damage to relationships and at worst, we can even lose sleep at night due to conflict.
Just image for a second, all of that…gone!
How do you feel about conflict at work? Are you one of these people that kind of love the flash in the pan of a little conflict, or do you more avoid and hide from addressing it? Our approach can be so different, from slipping into passive mode (giving up our rights for others), aggressive (pushing our own rights at the expense of others). Not forgetting passive-aggressive mode when we veil and mask our true feelings by going around the conflict.
There is so much power in truly resolving conflict at work when we begin by reframing it. This immediately helps us to assume a much more assertive role – when we stand up for our own rights while also respecting the views of everyone else too.
From there, we can further help ourselves in resolving conflict by going into the conversation with positive intent, genuine enquiry and expecting a positive outcome. This approach shows others that we truly want to get to a better place with the workplace conflict.
Finally, do you put much thought into the triggering affect of the words that you use when you’re trying to resolve conflict? No? You’re not alone, and this one element can also have a huge impact on helping you when dealing with conflict at work.

Want to learn more about these techniques and much more? Watch my video below for lots more support in resolving conflict at work!

Resolving conflict at work is yet another one of those things where we have a choice. We can keep doing what we've always done, or put in the time, effort, energy and commitment towards switching off our internal autopilot mode to approach it differently, with a stronger mindset and more resilience.

I love helping people to develop their mindset, resilience and wellbeing with the videos I produce. If you get anything from them and would like to help keep me going with a nice cuppa (double espresso for me), that would be amazing.
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