Inspirational Videos to Feed the Soul

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CM Learning Blog | Inspirational Videos to Feed the Soul

Inspirational videos have an almost unparalleled ability to nourish the soul, offering a beacon of hope and some much needed motivation in the cheesy journey that is life.

Whether through poignant narratives, uplifting imagery, empowering messages or awe-inspiring sounds, these videos can ignite a spark within us that encourages self-reflection, perseverance and a renewed sense of purpose.

When we’re at our lowest, they can remind us of the resilience of the human spirit, helping us to overcome our own obstacles, chase our dreams and remember the beauty of our shared humanity.

In a world that is fraught with challenges, inspirational videos are a source of solace because amidst darkness, there is always light.


Well, below are some of my most favourite inspirational videos that I regularly go back to, because they feed my soul when I need a little bit of that light in my life.

Inspirational Video #1 - This is you?

The moment they knew they had a hit on their hands with ‘The Greatest Showman’

Most of us have seen ‘The Greatest Showman’, right? ‘This is Me’ is undoubtedly the rousing anthem of the film, but this pre-production performance is something else completely.

Inspirational Video #2 - I'm not crying, you're crying

Christian the lion reunion 🥹

If you need a reminder of the special bond that humans and animals can share, this is the video for you. You might just want to grab the tissues before you watch.

Inspirational Video #3 - "I have a dream..."

Martin Luther King gave his now famous speech on August 28 1963

In Washington DC on the greatest demonstration for freedom and civil rights in the history of the USA, hundreds of thousands marched together to demonstrate for their rights. “I have a dream” shouted Martin Luther King.

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Inspirational Video #4 - How empathic are you?

Connection brings us together

We are hard-wired to judge, so much so it takes huge focus to offer someone pure empathy. Often we assume we’re empathising yet we may well be sympathising. Brené Brown explains how “Empathy fuels connection, sympathy drives disconnection” in this short and inspiring clip that I go back to time and time again.

Inspirational Video #5 - Do you say what you wanna say?

A strong message in the song AND the video

Full disclosure, Sara Bareilles is one of my favourite musicians, and this video also made its way to my top resilience song list. Not only does the song – ‘Brave’ – hold an important message, the video is a celebration of diversity that reminds us all to embrace our weird.

I hope at least one of these has allowed you to switch off for a few minutes to replenish your resilience-reserves.

What are your go-to inspirational videos that feed your soul. Drop me a line and let me know, because I’m always looking to add to my list!

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