How to Control Negative Thoughts and Emotions

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CM Learning - control negative thoughts and emotions

Learning how to control negative thoughts is entirely possible. Knowing how to control your feelings and emotions is so much more than hoping for the best or sticking our head in the sand. We all have this choice of whether we choose to focus on the worst possible scenarios, or learn that no matter what happens...we'll handle it!

This spiral of worrying, negative thoughts and ‘disaster-ising’ is all too common and it has a damaging impact on our emotions. It’s hardly surprising that we can be prone to this, particularly with everything that so many of us have been faced with recently; financial worries, professional concerns and the significant negative impact on our mental health.
We all have the choice of whether we continue to allow our negative thoughts to influence our emotions. You can take back some of the power when it comes to stop negative thinking to control your feelings more effectively.
I used to be a huge disaster-iser. I used to love having the plan B’s and the plan C’s all worked out (…and the plan D’s, E’s, F’s and Z’s!). It made me feel safe to have an answer for every possible outcome just in case, because in my mind back then, you never know what might happen!
Then, in 2012 I had an ‘A-HA’ moment that helped me to consciously stop negative thinking and control it in a much more powerful and productive way.
CM Learning - negative thoughts quote
We live so much of our lives on autopilot, paying little to no attention to what’s going on inside our head much of the time. Becoming more conscious of how to stop negative thinking and control your feelings takes time, commitment and focus to truly manage those mindset demons when they show up.
If any of that sounds like you, watch my short video to find out more on how to stop negative thinking and control your feelings…

Take a look and be sure to subscribe for more videos to help your mindset strength and resilience!

Start reclaiming some of that time and energy that you are wasting and control negative thoughts about the things that probably won't happen, with the confidence that if they do, you'll handle it!

I love helping people to develop their mindset, resilience and wellbeing with the videos I produce. If you get anything from them and would like to help keep me going with a nice cuppa (double espresso for me), that would be amazing.
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