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Designed as a short, sharp burst of inspiration and ideas, these Power Hours offer practical techniques that boost effectiveness and help people to actively develop their mindset, resilience and wellbeing.


Our virtual environment becomes a safe space to get the thinking started and each Power Hour includes materials that keep the learning going once we're finished.


No 'death by PowerPoint' or being talked at for an hour! People are encouraged and expected to get involved because when we're involved, we learn more as a result.


In only an hour, old ways of thinking will be challenged as we switch our auto-pilot mode to manual and consider new perspectives and opportunities for the future.

It’s easy for any team to fall into a rut with relationship dynamics, shifting goalposts and conflicting agendas at play, all leading to mindsets that struggle to be collaborative and innovative. Change your team’s mindset and you will change its results.

The Mindset Reset Power Hour is an immersive and value packed virtual session where a team can come together, take stock of their wins and challenges and make a commitment to their future success.

People will learn how our brilliant brain works so hard to keep us safe, yet often eating away at our mindset strength, and develop practical coping strategies that support wellbeing, allowing people to take action on what they can change.

Often, after the shock of a big change like we’ve had recently, a certain amount of adrenaline gets us through the first phases. We tell ourselves things like “I can do this” and “we’ll get through it together.” Fast forward, and this can be the time when many of us feel mentally drained and exhausted.

The challenges of the last two years make it a perfect time to stop, switch off our internal auto-pilot thinking mode and take stock of our resilience levels; that magic juice that helps us to bounce back and spring into shape, to help us in facing whatever the future may hold.

People will be encouraged to tune into their personal resilience levels, consider current coping mechanisms and takeaway the 10 point resilience plan so that they can commit to action.

Most people know by now that with a Growth Mindset, we believe that we can develop and evolve, whereas with a Fixed Mindset, our natural talents and abilities are set in stone…

…but truly developing a Growth Mindset goes much deeper than this surface level explanation.

People will learn the true hallmarks of a Growth Mindset, including the four fundamental elements that contribute towards one, and consider where they currently are on the Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset continuum.

Call them what you want: difficult conversations feel just that…difficult! They can be seriously damaging not only for our relationships and results, but for our mindset strength and resilience levels.

When it comes to constructively having these conversations, most of us are approaching it all wrong. It all starts with three simple rules relating to perception, openness and positive intent.

People will be introduced to a strikingly simple yet effective model that will forever change their previously tough conversations, for the better!

Imposter syndrome is the very real psychological phenomenon where we doubt our skills, talents and accomplishments and have a nagging fear that we are going to be exposed as a fraud.

Whether people are faced with stressful work situations, going through transitions or trying new things, often our pressure to succeed combined with our perceived lack of experience can trigger feelings of inadequacy.

People will quickly discover why imposter syndrome happens and that they are not alone, along with a range of techniques that will help to tackle imposter syndrome.

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  • Up to 20 people
  • Learning materials included
  • 10% discount when selecting three or more Power Hours

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